Fiskardo Hiking


Follow me to a Medium to Difficult path.



Fiskardo trails -easy to follow

The trails start all from Fiskardo and are easy to hike, even in summer, as they are under tree shade.The unveil all the cultural and natural beauties of the area

A complete marked hiking network that reaches 10 kilometters in total, worth discovering. We will adapt the route according to your need.

The Fiskardo trail, enveloped by a forest of cypress, evergreen, and old skinos tree, will constitute the bulk of our journey.

During our hiking we are going to discover many sights as an old unique monument pre-Christian church, an old Venetian Lighthouse, traditional vilages with old mansions with stone cisterns.

Also we will meet some of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia as Emplisi beach with crystal waters and small pebbles, and Kimilia beach.

The view is particularly breathtaking during sunset when the warm hues of the sun blend with the cool blues of the sea and the sky, creating an enchanting spectacle of nature. The view of Ithaca from northern Kefalonia is one of the island’s most iconic sights, attracting tourists and nature enthusiasts from all over the world who come to admire the beauty of this unique natural wonder.

Preferable for couples or small groups of people.
It’s better to do it at afternoon hours.

–Difficulty Easy

-Distance 5,4 km
-Altitude difference 50 meters
-Mostly part is on shade
–Time 2-3 hours approx.
-Some points have steep,rocky slopes and rough terrain


-guide from village
-a bottle of water 1000ml
-light snack

You will need to have

-hiking shoes
-hat, sun block cream ,sunglasses
-good physic
-beach towel and swimsuit (optional )
-flip flops for the pebble beach (optional)


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