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From US to Neochori

Greetings, I am Konstantinos Tsagaratos, and I have been residing in the village of Neochori on Kefalonia island for the last few years. I was born in the U.S.A, as was my brother, when our Kefalonian parents lived there for two decades.

In 1990, my parents decided to return to Greece, specifically the city of Patras, where I grew up. My parents’ adoration for their hometown, Neochori, led them to visit Kefalonia during school holidays and summer vacations, and it was then that my love for the village grew.

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Untamed Natural Beauty

My connection to the untamed nature of the region during my childhood was vital, and I recall the vineyards, the locals collecting grapes and pressing them with their feet using the traditional linos method, and the older women drying wild herbs such as oregano, thyme, and sage or baking traditional pies with the famous “phyllo.”

At the age of 36, I decided that these moments in the village were more significant to me, and I opted to communicate the history of my village, emphasizing our daily lives. After finishing high school, I began working in the hospitality industry, where I’ve spent the last 18 years.

My initial job was at a hotel in Kefalonia, where I worked for seven years before traveling to various Greek islands for summer employment, including Folegandros, Rhodes, Crete, Porto Cheli, and Messinia. I must say that all of Greece is wonderful, with diverse natural beauty, and all of the locations and people have contributed to shaping who I am today.

15 Years of Experience

My responsibilities in the food and beverage department included breakfast, bar, and restaurant service.

After a few years, I discovered my interest in coffee and cocktails, so I acquired my degree from the Bar Academy in Athens as a professional bartender and coffee specialist.

In the following years, I attended several hospitality seminars, including Management and Organization from the e-learning platform of https://elearningekpa.gr/, and hospitality and customer service from https://www.edx.org/.

Solid Background

Eventually, I became interested in the fascinating world of wine, so I obtained my sommelier degree from www.wspc.gr, and I witnessed how people adore discussing and drinking wine.

In recent years, I worked as a Maitre D in a restaurant and bar and supervised a small group of colleagues.

As a final addition to my everlasting educational progress, I earned my diploma in Outdoor Activities from https://alison.com/ and CPR, AED, FIRST AID certification.