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Difficulty: Medium to difficult

Distance: 5,4 km

Altitude difference: 420 meters

Duration: 4-4.5h

Price: 35 Euros


We shall commence our hiking tour from the quaint village of Neoxori, where we shall traverse a small segment of asphalt road before embarking on the historic shepherd path, once utilized by the locals for their daily routines.

The majority of the path will be enveloped within a dense forest consisting of cypress and evergreen trees, as well as ancient olive trees.

Along the route, we shall encounter an ancient ‘stani’, a traditional stone sheepfold, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of the past. Continuing onward to the toponymie of ‘vagelinia,’ a location across from Ithaca, we shall relish the stunning vista.

We shall cross some steep and rocky slopes, adorned with wild herbs such as sage and thyme, as we tread the shepherd path with prudence, mindful of our surroundings.

If we are fortunate, we may encounter goats, and we shall discuss their substantial role in the life of Kefalonia.

Our journey shall culminate at the idyllic Gagiana pebble beach, where we shall take a dip in the crystalline waters. Upon our return, we shall retrace our steps and culminate the expedition in our family olive grove, where we shall deliberate on the appropriate cultivation of olive trees, viticulture in Kefalonia, and relish a delightful local picnic.

This experience is ideally suited for couples or small groups of individuals and is most advantageous to undertake during the afternoon hours.

what’s included

– Local guide from village
– 1 bottle of water 1000ml
– 1 baton
– Picnic in a location with view of the surrounding archipelagos and Ithaca

suggested outfit

– Hiking shoes
– Backpack
– Hat, sun block cream ,sunglasses
– Very good physic
– Beach towel and swimsuit
– Flip flops for the pebble beach

key points

– 50 % downhill 50% uphill
– Mostly part is on shade
– Some points have rocky slopes and rough terrain.

– This excursion is ideal for couples or small groups of individuals and is recommended for the afternoon hours.

*For any known allergy we should be informed and guests should always carry their anti-allergy medication.

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